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Travel agents often struggle with lengthy and complicated hotel booking procedures, It will consume their valuable time and ultimately affect overall efficiency. At the same time, Securing competitive rates can be challenging, as many agents may not have direct access to exclusive B2B rates, impacting their profit margins. They are imosed to satsufy up on limited inventory options may result in difficulties in choosing the diverse preferences and budgets of their clients.

At times, Fluctuating hotel availability and rates can lead to uncertainty and frustration, making it challenging for agents to provide consistent and reliable services.

Difficulty in establishing direct communication with hotel partners can hinder the development of strong relationships and personalized support and it add fulel to flames and finally ,the travel agent got fed up with the business easily. But an travel agency is easy to manage with right tools and ample support! Here is a sneak peak into how B2B Travel Agency in India can help you.

How our B2B hotel booking portal for travel agents improve productivity and eliminate error?

Hotel booking made easy

Our cheapest hotel bookingportal for travel agents always offer efficient booking experience with user friendly interface. It allows travel agents to search, compare and book accommodations easily.

Exclusive rates at your fingertip

Our hotel booking portal provides direct access to exclusive B2B rates and it ensures that travel agents get the best deals and enhance their profit margins.

Diverse Accommodation Options

A travel agency has a different customer base.Our vast hotel inventory helps travel agents wide range of choices from affordable to expensive accommodation choices.

Real-Time Updates

Our online portal for hotel booking provides real time rates, and promotions. So, a travel agent can easily make decisions.

Advanced Technology

Integration of advanced technology within the portal equips travel agents with tools such as analytics and insights, providing a competitive edge.

Who we are ?

Welcome to B2B Travel Agency India Pvt Ltd, a trusted and IATA accredited travel consolidator at the forefront of the travel industry. As the flagship company of Trip Brands LLC, a global travel group, we are dedicated to revolutionizing modern travel technology.

With a vision to bring order to the unorganized travel sectors, BTA-India stands out as a leading consolidator in India. Our strong partnerships with major airlines and suppliers, coupled with a nationwide presence, underscore our influence in the industry.

At BTA-India, we embrace modern technology to organize and empower the travel experience. Through our online platform, b2btravelagency.com, we offer a 'one-stop-shop' for our trade partners, seamlessly integrating air tickets, hotel bookings, visa services, holiday packages, and more.

Our unique and efficient business model prioritizes the growth and profitability of our partners. BTA ensures dependable service, streamlined operational processes, and a diverse range of products—all with a guarantee of value for money. Committed to international standards, integrity, and financial stability, we pride ourselves on being a trusted organization.

At BTA, we continuously strive for innovation and adaptability, responding proactively to meet the evolving needs of our valued business partners. Join us on a journey of measured growth, increased profitability, and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the travel experience.

Why is our best b2b hotel booking portal a travel agent’s favourite?

Maximum Profits

Travel agents can access exclusive rates, which helps achieve higher profit margins for your business.

Diverse Choices

We have a wide range of accommodations for diverse preferences and budgets. A travel agent can cater to different clients.

User-Friendly Interface

Our online portal for hotel booking is user-friendly. It helps travel agents with minimal technical knowledge to navigate easily and it enhances overall productivity.

Better Customer Service

We ensure our customers get the best possible service. We don’t leave them alone and answer their queries promptly. It makes our B2B hotel booking portal travel agent’s favourite.

How does our Online portal for hotel booking work?

User Registration

Create accounts on the hotel booking portal by providing basic information like name, email, and password.

Search and Selection

Enter destination, check-in, and check-out dates. The portal displays a list of available hotels based on the user's criteria. A travel agent can filter and sort results based on preferences such as price, rating, and amenities.

Room Selection

Choose a specific hotel and browse available room types. Information about each room, including price and amenities, is displayed.

Booking Confirmation

Once a room is selected, the travel agent proceeds to the booking page. There you will get payment details and confirm the reservation.

Payment Processing

The portal securely processes the payment using the provided payment method (credit card, etc.).

Travel agent receive a confirmation email with booking details.

Reservation Management

Travel consultant can log in to their accounts to view and manage their reservations. This includes the ability to modify booking dates or cancel reservations (subject to terms and conditions).


The portal may send email or SMS notifications to the travel consultant with booking confirmation, reminders, and other relevant information.

Commission for Travel Agents

Travel agents, who refer customers to the portal, earn a good commission on each successful booking.


A: Our portal provides travel agents direct access to exclusive B2B rates. It maximizes their profit margins and ensures they secure the best deals for their clients.

A: Absolutely. The portal offers an extensive inventory of hotels, providing a wide array of choices to cater to diverse client needs and budget considerations.

A: Real-time updates are a key feature of our portal, keeping travel agents informed about the latest information on hotel availability, rates, and promotions, thus, eliminating uncertainties.

A: Security is a top priority. Our portal incorporates robust security measures to ensure that all transactions are safe and secure, providing peace of mind for travel agents and their clients.