From the Desk of CEO

Dear Valued Trade Partners,

I would like to thank you all for extending your continued support and taking our Company to newer heights in its journey towards excellence.

It has been nearly three decades since I joined the travel and tourism industry. With an inquiring mind, ambition and a desire to succeed, I embarked on my career from Mumbai, India. I had the opportunity to experience and learn from the most significant changes the travel industry has seen and evolved to what it is today.

From the nineties to the late twentieth century, the travel industry has become more complex, competitive and technologically advanced thus pushing the need for a happy marriage of business with technology. And it is how Trip Brands LLC came into existence. We own and operate seven entities in three countries worldwide. B2B Travel Agency India Pvt ltd (BTA-India) is one such entity under the flagship of Trip Brands LLC.

Right from the beginning, I had the opportunity to engage myself in various projects that yielded valuable experience and an opportunity to use my own judgment in shaping the future of some of the major projects that were entrusted to me. I have worked for organizations and also initiated and spearheaded startups and grown them into global organizations. With my years of experience and the vast knowledge spanning every aspect of the travel industry, I decided to set up a unique business module of my own, reacting to the changing trends of the market.

I have always operated on the principle belief that extraordinary executives with good business sense, resourcefulness and experience add value to an organization. While working closely together, the organization is structured in a way that every person will function independently in their field of expertise and experience.

With this mindset, are a unique entity that blends entrepreneurial verve, unconventional thinking, and operational excellence, with everything united by a passionate commitment to success.

The travel industry has changed tremendously and we have equipped ourselves to adapt to these changes, by recognizing the need for investment in innovation, technology and a variety of services.

At BTA, our objective is to provide our customers a happy medium between price and service in a technology based environment and to our B2B partners the technological edge in the industry, access to global content, and negotiated pricing power to stay ahead of the competition.

Feel free to write me personally at with your valuable suggestions, ideas, feedback and comments regarding our products and services. We look forward to your continuous support.

To our continued success,
Benson Samuel
President / Group CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors