Great products, exciting deals and a cutting-edge technological interface might be important, but none of these can earn customers’ loyalty without a dependable professional support. At B2B Travel Agency, we aim at offering unwavering support to our partners. As businesses change at a lightning speed, we understand the value of your time. It’s why, we offer 24X7 professional support so that any inconvenience can be tackled in time.

On Call Support

At BTA, we love to see our partners prosper and it is why we offer them flawless services. To assist our partners, we have a round-the-clock customer support team that can be reached on our toll free customer support numbers. As we have a bouquet of products on offer, our customer support team has experts for every verticals that include flights, hotels, vacations etc.

Email Support

Despite having an efficient customer support team, some of the issues can remain unresolved: detailed discussion, advance expertise or discussions with senior management might be required for a solution. Such issues can be better tackled through email. So, if you are particular about some services, send a mail regarding it. Our email support team will answer your mail as soon as possible.

Technical Support

As our valuable partners are using APIs and White Label Services, technical support might be required at times. At BTA we vow to ensure our partners glitch-free experiences. We have a team of experts to tackle any technical problem you might be experiencing while using our services.