From the Desk of CEO

We aim to constantly seek our new ways and means of improving our repertoire of services, and being a single-point source for our partner flight operators and hotels, as well as for travel agencies in India and around the world.

Technology is one of our primary areas of focus. The travel industry is evolving at a tremendous pace. The introduction of smartphones has forever changed the way information is accessed and processed by travellers. The travel sector stands to reap enormous profits by making itself more accessible to potential and existing travellers by transitioning to mobile apps. To enable our partners to tap into the mobile revolution, BTA India provides excellent app development services that allow your customers to stay connected with you on the go, help your brand to build a stronger presence and following in the domestic market, and maximize sales. We also encourage all our partners to harness the latest technological innovations in order to better meet their clients’ changing tastes and requirements. Further, we provide last-mile assistance to our partners, whether in terms of API integration or technical training for staff. Do contact us to learn how BTA India can add more technology-enabled value to your business.

We understand that the travel industry is particularly time-sensitive and it is increasingly important for us to remain constantly accessible to our flight and hotel partners, as well as our travel agencies. To ensure this, our website and app are now enabled to display the latest notifications and updates from us to you. BTA India is proud of our long heritage of peerless customer service, and do our very best to keep pace with and even exceed your exacting standards. Our staff is always at hand to answer any questions or resolve any concerns you have. I also invite you to write in to me personally with any feedback or suggestions at

To our continued success,
Benson Samuel
President / CEO &Group Chairman of the Board of Directors B2B Travel Agency